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About World Health Ambassador

Our mission

World Health Ambassador (WHA) seeks to deliver health care and emergency relief to underserved and underprivileged populations in the United States and abroad, as well as to the victims of natural disasters.
WHA’s programs provide humanitarian relief to communities that are in desperate need of medical and dental assistance.  The WHA program offers care, at no cost to the patient, to underserved communities without regard to ethnicity, political orientation or religion.

Our philosophy

WHA’s international missions involve both the provision of medical and dental services to a population in need, as well as medical and dental teaching at healthcare institutions in the host country.  WHA mission teams are comprised of general medical practitioners and medical specialists, general dentists and dental specialists, nurses, pharmacists and a support staff.

WHA missions provide in-depth medical and dental treatment in many settings, including regional medical centers, provincial hospitals, and village clinics.  WHA seeks to utilize local health care resources to ensure continuity of care for patients as well as to control follow-up costs for patients.  WHA also seeks to work with other non-profit organizations in the United States and abroad by offering its expertise and to strengthen its own capabilities.

To ensure durable and lasting benefits, WHA is committed to building the capability of local health care providers and the capacity of local health care services.  To this end, WHA mission teams

(a) work side-by-side with local health care providers to actively share medical knowledge and teach new techniques;

(b) conduct medical and dental lectures at local medical schools and school of health sciences;

(c) donate medical equipment to local health care institutions and train local medical staff to use the equipment.

Our integrated approach helps ensure maximum benefits and sustainability of health care delivery to the targeted population.  

How we operate

WHA’s program consists of several core components, including:

1) Health Advisory Team which analyzes the medical needs of underserved overseas communities and formulates a healthcare plan;  

2) International Medical Relief Group which performs overseas medical and dental missions as well as medical and dental teaching at healthcare institutions in the host country;

3) Emergency Relief Team which assists with natural disaster relief efforts;and

4) Medical Support Team which handles logistics for the other components.

Our commitment to donors

WHA constantly strives to improve its operational efficiency, expand its mission scope, and its geographic breadth of services.  By relying on a team of volunteer officers and committed professionals who cover their own transportation costs to mission sites, WHA ensures that the vast majority of financial donations are applied directly toward patient care.  WHA is fully supported by generous donations from individual and corporate sponsors.


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